Benefits Of Laws

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Benefits of Laws

Laws refer to the scheme of guidelines or rules that are recognized by a certain community or country as the regulator of the activities of its members. Usually, penalties are imposed on any individuals who break the laws. There are innumerable advantages of the presence of laws in the society as explained below.

1. Maintain order
In a civilized society, the act of law making is necessary for avoiding or minimizing the likelihood of disputes and conflicts. Laws are therefore very essential for maintain peace and order within the society. Furthermore, laws make certain that disputed or doubtful claims can be solved peaceful manner. For example, if laws were non-existent in society, then there would most probably be chaos all over. This is because disputes would be forcefully solved, resulting in fights and wars. Actually, crimes would prevail if laws were disregarded.

2. Encourage safety
Laws encourage safety in the society through several methods. One way through which laws promote safety is by imposing speed limits on roads. If such speed limits were not introduced, many people would be injured due to speeding vehicles. The other way that laws encourage safety is through introducing penalties for any person who breaks laws. Since all criminals are well dealt with due to the laws, the society is thus safer to reside in.

3. Promote discipline
Through the creation laws for regulating the people within a certain society or nation, discipline is greatly enhanced. This is because all the people are supposed to follow all the laws strictly without fail. In fact, many people have reformed their lives and become better people due to their respect for the governing laws.
The only disadvantage of laws is the fact that they normally lead to loss of several rights and freedoms, especially if unfair and strict laws are introduced.

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