Benefits of Lactose

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Benefits of Lactose

Lactose is the main ingredient in liquid whey and it is made up of two sugars. It is also found in most milk products and it is a very important constituent to an infant during development. Discussed further below are benefits of consuming lactose.

1. Provides energy

Not many people know that lactose is actually a carbohydrate, which is a nutrient needed for energy in the body. Lactose is less sweet than sucrose and thus it is usually used like the energy source when making infant food where excessive sugar is unwelcome. Furthermore, it has a very low GI and it results in a modest and slow increase in a person’s blood sugar. Studies show that people who consume diets with low GI foods age better than those consume high GI foods.

2. Improves intestinal health

Consuming lactose is shown to improve the growth and development of useful intestinal bacteria like Lactobacilli. Besides this, lactose also stops certain pathogenic bacteria from growing. The ingestion of lactose rich products by children and infants increases their overall resistance to stomach and intestinal infections. Lactose also helps to main a healthy flora in the intestines.

3. Enhance mineral absorption

Another lactose benefit is that it not only stimulates the absorption of essential minerals, but it also helps to retain these minerals in the body. Minerals such as zinc, manganese, calcium and magnesium are all needed for optimal health and development. Lactose intake ensures that these minerals are well absorbed into the body and used effectively.

Lactose is easily available from several food sources, ranging from milk to fine milk powder. It offers a clean taste without an aftertaste and it is thus good for children. Additionally, lactose is an inexpensive source of vital dairy solids and it works well with most other ingredients.

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