Benefits of Kyoto Protocol

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Benefits of Kyoto Protocol

Since it was adopted by the United Nations to counter climate change, the Kyoto Protocol certainly has a perfect record among nations when it comes to taking necessary measures to combat global warming. Kyoto Protocol still has many benefits, but has significant downsides as well.

1. Encourages participation

The Kyoto Protocol has been a success as it encourages broad participation among different nations. As of 2010, many nations had endorsed the consensus, including most of Asian and all of Europe. For that reason, the vast support allows the UN to uphold its position that climate change is indeed a worldwide issue. On the other hand, the broad participation forces all nations, to take the issue of global warming more seriously.

2. Bold goals

The main aim of the Kyoto Protocol was to set ambitious goals that could address the problem of global warming. The central objective of the protocol was geared towards the reduction of global carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with goals set within U.S, this is definitely a bold target that has a short time frame, since the goals are set to be achieved by the year 2012.

3. Creates economic considerations

The major reproaches levied against the protocol are geared towards how it handles economic inequalities worldwide. Although there is a wide speculation that the protocol tends to favor European nations, this is viewed as an opinion since the United Nations has set up full -proof measures aimed at reducing global warming by 2012.

4. Legal status

Unlike other international accords, countries that endorse the protocol are needed to meet certain goals aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Nations that fail to meet their targets are not allowed to participate in emission programs in the future.

Some nations, those that ratified the Kyoto Protocol have put up necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the main shortcoming is that this does not in any way affect oil prices worldwide. On the other hand, it is highly unlikely that coal is the other alternative since energy consumption increases with time.

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