Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

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kundalini_bookBenefits Of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga has righly been known as Raj Yoga or Royal Yoga as before the 1960’s it was not practiced and taught to the general masses. This ancient form of Yoga was taught and practiced by spiritually elite people of the royal classes. Yoga method is an energy releasing Yoga method which is both physical and spiritual. The Kundalini Yoga focuses on the unexploited energy that is located at the base of our spine and is known as prana. This energy when released can be moved through your body towards the upward direction by awakening the seven Chakras lying in various parts. There are many physical and spiritual benefits of Kundalini yoga which include:

1.Helps to increase the bodily energy.
The stored energy also known as Kundalini can be considered as a snake that lies coiled up at your spinal base. As it uncoils energy is released, and the seven chakras lying inside the body opens up. As a result more energy is available for various physical and mental activities.

2.Relieves stress.
Kundalini yoga helps to relieve the mental and physical stress associated with various life activities.

3.Helps to reduce weight.
Practicing this yoga regularly helps to burn calories stored in the body. It is thus beneficial in reducing body fats and treating problems like obesity.

4.Improves the functioning of the lungs.
Practicing this yoga improves the working of the lungs. Thus more amount of oxygen is sent to the cells each time resulting in better oxidation.

5.Brings natural joy and happiness to life.
Regular practice of Kundalini yoga brings natural and spontaneous joy & happiness to life.

6.Gives peace to the mind.
The practice of kundalini yoga brings greater peace to the unrest minds. People who practice this form of yoga regularly develop the ability to remain calm and quiet at the time of problems.

7.Improved clarity of thought.
Daily practice of yoga brings clarity of thought in the minds of people. They are sure of whatever they are doing making them better decision makers and high performers in different fields of life.

Once the energy stored inside your body is tapped by practicing Kundalini yoga, you can move to the next step towards spirituality. A word of caution for all those who are new to this form of yoga is that Kundalini yoga should be learned from a trained practitioner as any mistake committed during the learning phase can cause severe damages to both body and mind.

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