Benefits Of Kinship Ties

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Benefits of Kinship Ties

Kinship ties can be described as a social system or organization that involves folks who are related. On the other hand, it involves a group of individuals who are accepted as one family either through rituals or adoption. This organization exists in early and modern civilizations, but differs from one society to the other. For instance, people living in rural areas do various things communally and value kinship ties. They have an array of benefits to the community.

1. Social grouping
Social grouping is created by kingship rules. For instance, the family and the clan have the responsibility of determining how people should relate to one another. This allows the formation of strong institutions like arbitration courts whereby people can solve their problems and exchange ideas. Kinship rules however vary from one community to the other.

2. Basic provisions
Kinship can either be formal or informal depending on the arrangements made by friends, relatives or the child welfare organization. This way, vulnerable children or orphans receive basic provisions like food, shelter and clothing. This is the only sure way to ensure they get an opportunity to enjoy their youth just like the other children.

3. Fosters religious growth
Another advantage of kinship care is the role it plays in sharing of spiritual beliefs. For example, folks in Native American countries built their spiritual system based on kinship values, which led to the development of religious civilizations like hunting traditions as well as agrarian customs. This trend has led to creation of religious organizations, promoting humility, hope and peace.

4. Promotes gender equality
This social organization also promotes gender equality by protecting women from financial, psychological and physical harm. For instance, the sister’s rite of inheritance is protected until she is of age.

Kinship indeed offers an array of benefits as it is based on religious and political values.

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