Benefits Of Kegels

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Benefits of Kegels

The importance of performing exercises to a healthy and satisfying life cannot in any way be overemphasized. On the other hand, the same case applies to a person’s sex life. Kegels are sexual exercises aimed at increasing the sexual ability of men by strengthening their pelvic muscles. These exercises are also commonly done by women, strengthening pelvic muscles is known to have a number of benefits that include improved prostrate health, treatment of vaginismus, prolapse and also aid in recovery after childbirth in women. The benefits of kegels are as follows:

1. Increase sexual desire

The importance of performing Kegel exercises cannot be overstated, and were initially developed to prepare women for childbirth. On the other hand, women found that kegel exercises can also enhance their sexual desires, increasing their orgasm.

2. Help women recover from childbirth

The pelvic floor muscles are known to lose their strength especially for women who experience trauma or strain to the adjacent muscles surrounding the vagina during childbirth. Therefore kegel exercises are effective as they help women recover from childbirth. When the pelvic floor muscles are overly tense or weak, the quality of sexual response can be diminished for both partners.

3. Increase ejaculatory control

Originally developed for women, men can also benefit from kegel exercises. Undeniably pelvic muscles are vital to sexual pleasure for both men and women. Toning this muscle is essential for a man’s sexual pleasure and pelvic health as it help reduce premature ejaculation.

4. Improve prostrate health

Kegel exercises are very effective as they help boost a man’s overall sexual performance. These exercises can actually physically and cosmetically enlarge your penis in appearance. Furthermore, these exercises also help reduce premature ejaculation.

Despite the immense benefits of performing kegel exercises, they may become harmful in excess. Excessive contraction of the pelvic muscles will stimulate the urethra, manipulating the penis into premature ejaculation.

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