Benefits Of Jujube

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Benefits of Jujube

The jujube fruit is a popular herb in Chinese traditional medicine. It has several essential medicinal properties that make it very effective in the treatment of various illnesses. Jujube has been in use for a very long time and as a result it has been crossbred into numerous cultivars. Here are some of the major advantages of jujube.

1. Great source of nutrition

Jujube contains phosphorous, calcium, potassium and manganese as the chief minerals. They are also rich in zinc, iron; copper and sodium that are vital for certain body processes. It also contains vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin. The high mineral and vitamin content of jujube helps to suppress appetite and also ease sore throats. Apart from that, it also supports cardiovascular health while enhancing the metabolism.

2. Amino acids

The jujube fruit contains 15 amino acids and the body needs 24 amino acids for proper functioning. These amino acids assist with the formation and maintenance of the hormones, skin, blood, bones, muscle, enzymes and neurotransmitters in the body. Amino acids are also vital in the building of proteins and they help the body in the healing process.

3. Prevents certain conditions

Water extracted from jujube fruit has been discovered to inhibit tumor cells. In fact, this particular extract has beneficial compounds that are used to treat leukemic cells. It is also helpful in doing away with the oxidative stress found in the liver. This oxidative stress occurs when free radicals accumulate in the body. The build up of free radicals usually leads to heart problems and even cancer.

4. Treats insomnia

If you are having trouble getting adequate amounts of sleep during the night, then the jujube fruit is the most suitable option. Scientific studies show that boiling or heating the jujube seeds prior to consumption increases their potency and can be used as an effective treatment for sleeping disorders.

Since jujube contains complex carbohydrates, it is not recommended for people with diabetes as it could possibly worsen their condition.

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