Benefits Of Juggling

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juggling-pdBenefits Of Juggling

The art of flinging objects like rings, balls, and clubs in the air, as part of a sport or entertainment activity is known as juggling. It also sometimes involves the manipulation of objects like Diablo, spinning plates; devil stick etc and all these offer the similar kinds of benefits to the juggler.
The most familiar form of juggling is the toss juggling wherein, the juggler throws the objects up, catches and then tosses up again. The objects that are used by jugglers are often known as props. Juggling is a traditional art and was practiced in the ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome. Later it gained popularity as a circus act among the people of Europe and America. Juggling has numerous benefits for the juggler which includes:

1.Keeps the person physically fit.
Juggling is one of the most entertaining ways to exercise. For throwing and catching the props the juggler has to make many bending and stretching movements. These acts of exercising help to keep the body healthy especially in the early stages of learning. Juggling of scarf is an excellent pulmonary and cardio -vascular workout. The repeated throwing and catching motions help in building new muscles and tones the existing muscles. As people progress, they may move on to juggling heavier objects – a fun way to do weight training.

2.Helps to improve eye-hand co-ordination.
The continuous movements involved ion juggling help to improve the eye hand coordination.

3.Develops good balance between different body parts.
The art of balancing is required in every field of life. The art of juggling helps to learn balancing both sides of the brain. It also helps the person to maintain a proper balance between the body and the mind.

4.Acts as a great stress reliever.
Juggling promotes a physical and mental state which is known as ‘relaxed concentration’. Here the body and mind are able to remain focused and alert while still remaining calm and stress-free. Juggling thus acts as a great stress reliever.

5.Helps in the development of the brain.
Research has revealed that juggling helps in the development of brain.

6.Develops the problem solving skills.
Each juggling trick needs to be broken down into parts before it is completely learned and performed. This help to develop the problem solving skills of the learners.

7.Helps in treating problems like dyslexia.
Juggling helps in the treatment of disabilities like attention deficit disorders, dyslexia, and hyperactivity.

Including the learning of arts like juggling will not only bring fun and happiness to your life but also help in the healthy keeping of your body. It the most amusing form of exercise where you will improve communication, coordination and boost up your confidence.

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