Benefits Of Journal Writing

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Benefits of Journal Writing

Journal writing is indeed an essential communication tool that was used to store historical information. It was extensively used by historians to outline scenes of the infamous World War as well as the Civic War. While writing a journal creates a relaxing experience, it offers many other benefits as well. Here are few benefits you can get by keeping a journal.

1. Improves your writing skills

We all have ideas and thoughts to share with others, but many often experience writer’s block that hinders them from expressing themselves. In fact, most people claim that they lack content when writing, popularly known as the ‘’internal editor’. This is the voice in your head that judges your capability even before you start writing. Journal writing can help you create a judgment free-attitude, where learners practice writing fluently.

2. Learners develop deeper thinking

Educational research shows that writing help students develop deeper thinking, which comes in handy when solving life challenges. Explaining a particular emotional response in a written text somewhat involves a deeper examination to understand the text.

3. Aids in problem solving

Journal writing is also useful when you jot down problems you may experience in school work. Many believe that keeping a journal is a great way to come up with additional approaches and solutions to a specific problem. Moreover, it works your conscious mind to get involved in the problem.

4. Source of reflection

A journal can help you to reflect on problems with confidence and determination. Sometimes it pays to record your events so that you can pinpoint what really transpired. By doing so, you can track goals with self-esteem and motivation.

5. Boosts memory

Having immediate access to written information is a useful tool that has been shown to improve memory.

Writing a journal is time-consuming especially if you are always busy at work trying to meet deadlines.

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