Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

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jasmine_teaBenefits Of Jasmine tea
When tea especially green tea is combined with fragrance of jasmine flowers the result is jasmine tea which is liked by people all over the world. The fragrant yellow, white and red blossoms of jasmine flowers are picked in midnight- a time when they are in complete bloom. These flowers are then placed above green tea leaves in order to transfer their fragrance in the tea. Once this fragrance is transferred the taste of the green tea becomes strong. Along with it this tea becomes capable of providing many benefits to the health of its users.

1.Protects the body against cancer.

As a result of various metabolic and biochemical process many by products known as free radicals are formed in the body. These free radicals if left untreated promote the development of cancer cells. Jasmine tea helps in removing free radicals from the body and protects it against dangerous diseases like cancer.

2.Slows down the process of aging.
Free radicals are also responsible for stimulating the aging process which results in wrinkling of the skin and overall aging of the body. Removal of these harmful byproducts form the body slows down the aging process and reduces the wrinkles of the skin.

3.Reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.
Jasmine tea blocks the formation of bad cholesterol which is usually formed as a result of various oxidation reactions taking place in the body.

4.Maintains the health of intestines.
Regular intake of jasmine tea is very beneficial for maintaining the health of the intestines. It improves the condition of the intestines by promoting the growth and development of good bacteria and suppressing harmful bacteria form developing inside the intestines.

5.Helps in preventing influenza.
Jasmine green tea acts as an anti-viral agent. Gargling with it helps to prevent from common problems like influenza.

6.Takes care of your teeth.

Jasmine tea provides oral care to its users. The fluoride content of the tea protects the formation of cavities, thus preventing tooth decay.

7.Benefits to diabetics.

Research has proved that jasmine tea is beneficial for the diabetics. It promotes the formation of insulin-the hormone that is responsible for maintaining the blood sugar levels in humans. It is thus helpful in controlling diabetes.

8.Build immunity.
Regular intake of jasmine tea makes the body capable of fighting against many common problems like cold and cough.

With so many benefits to the human health it becomes imperative to include jasmine tea in ones routine and prevent oneself from many diseases before they suffer from them.

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    December 21, 2011 8:49 pm

    PLEASE…do your readers a favor and do some research regarding the DANGERS of ingesting fluoride before you tout the “benefits” of ANYTHING that contains fluoride. It is a dangerous substance and I think your line about the “benefits” of it have ruined jasmine for me.

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