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Benefits Of Jaborandi Oil

Benefits of Jaborandi Oil

This herbal shrub is native to the Amazon forest and has greyish colored leaves. It has a smooth texture and bears reddish colored flowers. Jaborandi oilis popular in Brazil and is taken as herbal tea to treat disorders such as pleurisy, rheumatism, and flu. Today, jaborandi oilis used to cure different ailments externally.

1. Prevents baldness
According to some folks jaborandi oil can help prevent baldness. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, jaborandi is an active ingredient in hair products, shampoo and hair conditioners used to promote hair growth. Simply put jaborandi leaves in a bowl of waterthen massageyour scalp evenly for quick hair growth.

2. Treats dandruff and falling hair
If you have dandruff or premature hair fall caused by aging, you can use jaborandi oil on your hair. Additionally, you can benefit from jaborandi oil if you have graying of hair as it helps to keep premature aging signs at bay. For this reason, individuals suffering from this condition can massagetheir hair regularly with jaborandi oil to get maximum benefits.

3. Jaborandi oil and glaucoma
Besides hair treatment jaborandi oil is also useful for the cure of glaucoma. However, this is only possible in the preliminary stages of the condition. Simply drip one or two drops of jaborandi oil on the glaucoma affected eye for quick relief.

4. Jaborandi oil and diabetes
Jaborandi oil was used by early Brazil inhabitants as a cure of diabetes but research is ongoing to determine whether this theory is factual. On the other hand, the herb has an active compound known as alkaloid – an essential ingredient for the cure of mumps.

Adverse side effect to Jaborandi‘ oil may include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, increased sweating, hypersalivation and dyspnea. For this reason, makesure that you only use it externally to avert the onset of adverse side effects.

Benefits Of Jaborandi Oil