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Benefits of Ivy Leaf

Ivy is an evergreen plant mostly found in Europe. It is a climber, and has many medicinal properties. Another poisonous plant known as Poison Ivy is found in America. One must take care and distinguish the two plants carefully. The plant has been held in high esteem since the ancient times. Ivy leaves were used in the wreaths of Greek gods and newlyweds. This leaf also has held prominent importance in Roman history too. It is a flowering plant, with clusters of greenish-yellow globular umbels. It is perennial and is quite hardy: it withstands all kinds of seasonal changes and does not require a lot of care. The plant has a number of beneficial properties, which are as follows:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties

It is a good treatment for those suffering from asthma and bronchitis. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating inflammatory bronchial conditions and asthma as well.

2. Decongestant properties

It is an excellent cure for bronchial congestion. It is used in many herbal concoctions which are meant for reducing congestion.

3. Pain reliever

The ivy plant has pain reducing properties; many researchers have proved that ivy leaves can be a cure for relieving pain.

4. A potential diabetic cure

Ivy leaves contains zinc, manganese, and chromium. Researchers have suggested that ivy leaves can cure diabetes if consumed properly.

5. Has anti-cancer properties

Many studies have shone light on the fact that ivy leaves can be used in curing cancer. This could be one of the biggest and the most beneficial uses of ivy leaves.

6. Can cure yeast infection

Yeast infections like candida can be cured with the use of ivy leaves. If the effected area is treated by a wash made from ivy leaves it can help cure the problem.

Ivy leaves should not be consumed by pregnant women, lactating mothers, and infants. It can be poisonous, if consumed in large doses. If taken properly after consulting a proper doctor, ivy leaves can prove to be an effective medicine.

Benefits of Ivy Leaf

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