Benefits Of Isolationism


Benefits of Isolationism

Isolationism refers to nonparticipation in any alliances, economic commitments or foreign trade, to avoid diplomacy entanglements with foreign countries. The United States remained isolated during the 19th century, an unusual accomplishment in history.

1. Promotes development within boundaries

The USA government would have saved a large sum of money by not taking part in wars. This money could help run welfare programs and also settle America’s debt. However, failure to participate in wars would reduce the production and manufacture of machinery, leading to job losses.

2. Encourages peace and development

Isolationism helps to promote peace by avoiding diplomatic crisis when intervening with foreign governments. It is, however, important to have meaningful negotiations to discuss current issues with other countries. This is an effective way to reduce problems that may arise both outside and inside the country.

3. Increases productivity

By utilizing resource within its boundaries, USA was able to develop new opportunities and new markets which directly impact globalization on other richer countries. As a result, this would increase productivity, generating more prosperity and wealth.

4. Promotes cultural-coexistence

Isolationism also helps to solve problems related to diversity and ethnic co-existence through immigration and continental travel. It therefore promotes peaceful co-existence between different groups of people within its boundaries.

5. Fosters economic development

Isolationism also fosters equitable distribution of resources that would have been otherwise used in foreign projects. This indirectly boosts the economy by encouraging meaningful economic development.

6. Support free trade

Though isolationism, each country benefits from free trade that excludes ecological and human costs. Furthermore, companies have adequate resources at their disposal and new technologies in research, IT and productions. It also helps to create job employment, improving the state of economy.

Protectionism associated to isolationism interferes with the economy, which worsens the state of living for many people.

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  1. Maria D'Marco

    May 26, 2016 1:03 pm

    It would be dramatically improved by showing references for the sweeping statements made. There is zero backing or foundation to the material, which gives the impression that anyone could have written it, and not from an objective, informed viewpoint, but simply from their own.

    What is the benefit of articles that aren’t factually supported and are not proven to be unbiased?

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