Benefits of Isabgol

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Benefits of Isabgol

Isabgol originates from Persia and it is imported from here to India. Nowadays, isabgol is cultivated in various parts of India for medicinal use. This seasonal plant is about two inches tall. It does not have a trunk and thus it is categorized as a shrub. It has three leaves and is undivided resembling wheat plants. The seeds have a husk and when it comes into contact with a liquid like water, it turns into a tasteless and odorless sticky substance.

The seeds contain large amounts of Albumin and Mucilage. Cellulose and mucilage are usually located in the isabgol husk. It has a very sweet taste and is quite nutritious. Apart from that, isabgol is purgative and oily and assists in good bowel movement. Here are other benefits of isabgol.

1. Treats certain illnesses

Grind isabgol together with fresh eucalyptus leaves and then apply the resulting paste on your forehead to relieve any headache. Bad breath is stopped when you use the sticky substance as mouthwash. For a toothache, soak the isabgol in vinegar and then apply it onto the affected tooth. You can also mix 3-5 grams of these seeds with hot water to relieve breathing problems like asthma.

In case of a burning sensation when urinating, take four spoons of husks and a glassful of water and soak for a short while. You can add sugar as per your taste and drink it to provide relief in urination.

2. Cures constipation

Two spoons of isabgol seeds should be mixed with hot milk and taken at night to assist in proper bowel movement. This mixture can also be used for children suffering from diarrhea. The isabgol seeds can also be roasted and swallowed in order to cure constipation.

The only disadvantage of isabgol is that it is harmful for both the hips and nerves. In addition to that, women should not use isabgol immediately after delivery unless advised otherwise by their doctors.

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