Benefits Of Inversion Table

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Benefits of Inversion Table

The inversion table is used to reduce spinal compression. The daily activities people do usually causes spinal compression due to the constant pressure applied on the spine. People use the inversion tables for relieving neck and back pain that usually occurs as a result of compression.

1. Alleviates pain

The key function of inversion tables is to alleviate the pain in various parts of the body with neck pain and back pain being the two major places requiring pain relief. The inversion table causes the ligaments and the muscles of an individual’s body to relax while resisting the pull of gravity. Through this action, the muscles are relieved and the body relaxes. Pressure in both the neck and back is usually caused by compression of the vertebrae and the best way of relieving this pain is to create spaces between each vertebra with the assistance of an inversion table.

2. Relives stress

The use of these inversion tables is believed to actually reduce the levels of stress in the body. Relieving pressure with the inversion table usually relieves stress and also enhances mental awareness. This is very useful for people with poor circulation since the tables stimulate proper circulation through doing away with the pressure.

3. Encourages good posture

Most people usually develop poor postures as they live their respective lives. The use of inversion tables will assist in encouraging good posture since inversion stimulates the body to return to its natural shape.

4. Functional fitness

The inversion table is a simple and effective method of achieving each important fitness element. Through using inversion, you are going to be able to remain active and flexible for a very long time. It also assists to maintain proper joint flexibility.

One demerit of the inversion table is that it can increase blood and eye pressure. That is why people with the conditions like pregnancy, high blood pressure as well as obese people cannot use it.

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