Benefits Of Inulin

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Benefits of Inulin

Inulin can be described as prebiotic nutrition that is neither absorbed nor digested but help promote the development of healthy bacteria found in the small intestine. According to Medicine Review of 2009, inulin has not effect on stool bulk but has notable effect on infants. In addition to that inulin supplements alleviate irritable symptoms in folks that suffer from Crohn’s disease or bowel syndrome, but studies are ongoing to determine its efficacy in the cure of bowel disorders.

1. Improves calcium absorption
There is evidence that inulin supplements have an active role in improving calcium absorption in the body. Medicine reviews done by U.S. Pharmacists indicate that calcium absorption is faster in some groups including postmenopausal women and people who are in the adolescent stage.

2. Good for diabetic patients
Plants do not store energy and inulin is the perfect example of such plant. It is found in rhizomes and roots of plants but does not cause increase in blood sugar. It is therefore an excellent nutrition for people suffering with diabetes.

3. High in soluble fiber
The benefits of consuming inulin are many but research is ongoing to determine whether the purported health benefits have scientific backing. It is an energy diet that is high is soluble fiber and since dietary fiber is not absorbed digested by the body; it helps alleviate common disorders such as constipation and acid reflux. This in turn feeds healthy bacteria found in your stomach and inhibits the assimilation of unhealthy cholesterol.

4. Lowers triglycerides levels
Inulin has an essential role in the body as it helps lower bad cholesterol. Evidence further show that inulin improves lipid levels in the body.

Possible side effects of consuming inulin include nausea, stool inconsistency, cramps, abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence. You should moderate your intake and consult a doctor when you notice any of the mentioned side effects.

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