Benefits Of Internships

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Benefits of Internships

Extra experience during higher learning is something valuable that each student should long for. Students rarely find proper real life lessons and experience while learning in colleges. Most people believe that studying in their classes or in dorms is enough to get them into favorable graduate schools or getting the dream job they have always yearned for, but many interviewers and recruiters nowadays look for something more than just the grade. Here are the man benefits of internships.

1. Career development

A college internship is beneficial to students who are looking to pursue their career of choice. Students get the opportunity to study further when given an opportunity to get an internship in order to gain the required experience in their career choice. This can either be done in a laboratory or a classroom or by learning their subjects on their own. Although practical experience is helpful to the students, it may not be necessary if the student fails to pursue that career path.

2. Learn leadership skills

Leadership is a prerequisite requirement in all professions. Recruiters and employers are always looking to find leaders to lead them in their companies. Students that have the zeal to lead can really benefit from internship programs, and the only way to ensure you are ready for your career choice is by practicing leadership virtues. For that reason, students should always strive to find internship opportunities in order to cultivate their leadership skills.

3. Confidence in the job market

The job market may prove to be tough and competitive especially for students who have just left colleges. Getting started is considered as one of the hardest part especially when you are looking for a job. This is where internship comes in handy, to ensure that you have the necessary skills in your career choice

The main problem is that most students don’t realize the value of internship programs until they have completed their courses. As a result, students lose hope in the long run when they do not find the valuable experience required in their career choices.

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  1. Rusty

    October 13, 2010 4:41 pm

    Great post, these three points are essential for making the most of an internship. Being some kind of leader in an internship is extremely beneficial to the overall experience. It builds confidence, and prepares interns for what they may encounter in the real world. I totally agree with you about getting started being the hardest part. When I graduated it took me a few months to get situated, but once I did everything else started to fall into place. After I found my internship I found a job, and the whole process didn’t seem as daunting. Networking skills and confidence are two things that executives always look for in young workers; both of these helped me find my job.

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