Benefits Of Insects

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Benefits of Insects

Our lives would never be the same without the many benefits insects provide and plants could not do without them as well. Our homes and crops would be infested by weeds and pest insects. The fruits and vegetables we enjoy all depend on insect to pollinate their seeds. Imagine a world with no silk, honey and other valuable products we get from insects. Animals and dead trees would clutter our beautiful environment.

1. Weed Control
Weed population is held or controlled by insects. A species of insects can be introduced to a region to control and suppress weeds. Cactoblastis cactorum, for instance was introduced in Australia to help suppress weed growth. Many insects including the cactoblastis cactorum were introduced in several parts of America to suppress alligator weed that clogs lakes and streams.

2. Pollination
Insects play an essential role in the pollination of reproducing seeds. Some plants depend on birds to pollinate their seeds, while others are pollinated by wind and others. For example, bees have well-defined hairs that carry pollen. Other pollinators include butterflies and moths, flies and beetles. However, some plants are only pollinated by one type of insect.

3. Useful Products
There are a number of useful substances and products produced by insects. A good example of product used throughout history is honey. Bee wax, on the other hand is used by artists for beautification purposes. You also have silk that comes from silkworm commonly found in several parts of Asia.

4. Recyclers and decomposers
Insects also nourish and aerate the soil through their dropping and burrowing. They recycle useful organic materials that in turn promote plant growth. In fact, dung beetles are commonly used to decompose manure that covers a large tract of land in form of pastures.

Despite of having numerous ecological benefits, insects also pose health hazards when they infest stored food.

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