Benefits Of Inquiry Learning

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Benefits of Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning refers to a form of learning where learning takes place through asking questions. This particular educational approach is driven by the student’s questions instead of what the teacher wants to teach. The teachers are only supposed to facilitate and guide students to assist them learn what they really desire and care about. Here are benefits of inquiry learning.

1. Student motivation
In traditional education frameworks, the teachers normally come with activity plans and structured curricula to class. They act like the main knowledge source and also like the people who establish which data is important. However, in inquiry learning, the students are responsible for selecting the questions and subject topics. This action results in better motivation and the learners are normally more involved during class.

2. Encourages teamwork
Inquiry learning is especially well-suited for team projects and other collaborative studying environments. The teacher can come up with activities where the whole class works together on one question like a group. Teamwork is not only vital in the class, but it is also helpful to the students once they begin working.

3. Increases confidence
The inquiry learning approach recognizes that have every student has something to contribute to the class. The great respect provided to students in this particular learning method increases the confidence and interest of the students. Actually, through using inquiry learning, most educational institutions have seen a significant reduction in rates of student absenteeism.

4. Develops important skills
Another vital inquiry learning benefit is that it encourages the development of important skills. Learners who actively engage in class activities and draw their own conclusions are essential developing beneficial problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
The drawback of using inquiry learning is that reporting and assessment is very lengthy due to the wide variety of issues that are tackled during class.

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