Benefits Of Inquiry Based Learning

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Benefits of Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning involves seeking knowledge, truth, or information through questioning. It depends on the attitude and skills of the learner, which means he or she has to seek questions on new issues and resolution. This process is part and parcel of life despite the fact that one may not find it reflecting. For example, babies use inquiry to learn small thing, they turn towards familiar voices and observe moving things keenly.

1. Promotes active participation
With a solid framework, teachers can use inquiry learning to encourage active participation in the classroom. Students who contribute actively in data analysis, observations and synthesize data are developing useful life skills that will help them solve life challenge. These skills certainly come in handy in school and at work as well.

2. Greater understanding
Social studies, for example industrial development involves the relationship between interrelating changes as well as new perspectives – all which are important to this natural process. Through inquiry based learning, students can social studies through well-planned illustrations and experiences. In other words, they will learn the conceptual context with ease.

3. Goal oriented
Minimal effort is dedicated to defining the desired outcomes when planning course work. Inquiry based learning is an effective strategy that is not only goal oriented, but practical as well. This is because learners are encouraged to participate actively in order to obtain knowledge on a particular subject.

4. Understand relationship between concepts
Today, students often have difficulty in classroom when it comes to understanding the relationship between two subjects. In addition to that, learners become more confused when they try to relate between various concepts. This is where inquiry learning comes to play, as it helps one understand the relationship between various concepts through questioning.

To ensure inquiry learning is effective, the teacher must organize his lesson plan accordingly and with relevant illustration.

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