Benefits Of Imperialism

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Benefits of Imperialism

Fundamentally, imperialism comes from the early medieval modernization concept that began in the late 16TH century. After that renaissance, reconnaissance, and catholic reformation followed this concept. There were several different ideologies during the rebirth period. These ideologies change from time to time and with its impact on Asian and African countries, there was entire colonization in some parts while other countries where semi- colonized. The benefits of imperialism or colonization are as follows:

1. Boost the Economy

To begin with, imperialist countries were in search of raw materials and steady market for their products. However, imperialism was not in any way related to capitalism during the medieval times because land power was still important. Currently, the vast spread of industrialization has reached a point where competition for international markets has become profound. For that reason, this greatly boosts the economy.

2. Creates fiscal independence

European countries were not able to colonize Asian Countries like India and Iran because they were stable economically. On the other hand, the situation was totally different in Sub-Saharan countries. There were vast raw materials such as gold and coal that were not yet used for industrial purposes. As a result, the ‘’West” took control and turned the raw products into more useful goods. This in turn created economic independence in Sub-Saharan countries in the long run.

3. Improves literacy levels

The other point of imperialism comes from the concept of modern education in Asia and Africa that was offered by Europeans. Modern education was the prerequisite of colonization in order to develop fast thinkers to solve the existing challenges during that time. Great thinkers and scientists were greatly affected by different ideologies like nationalism.

However, imperialism had its share of shortcomings as well. For starters, infant mortality rates were extremely high in Sub-Saharan countries. On the other hand, civilization and industrialization were almost nonexistent during that period in history.

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