Benefits of ILEX

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Benefits of ILEX

ILEX is a genus of flowering plants that was first discovered in South America. It was consumed to improve clarity, well-being and vitality. With a large proportion of amino acids, caffeine, minerals and vitamins, ILEX is also high in antioxidants, providing a well balanced stimulant.

1. Enhances clarity and focus

ILEX has the capability to improve function of the brain and increase mental acuity. The combination of caffeine and xanthine alkaloids also serves as a source of energy. Although it acts as a stimulant, ILEX is nutritional and helps to balance the stimulation. Clinical studies show that individuals sensitive to caffeine don’t experience adverse side effects such as headaches, stomach discomfort and jitters commonly associated to drinking caffeine.

2. Improves physical energy

ILEX also plays an integral role in nerve stimulations. It increases the rate of metabolism and breakdown of calories during exercise, thereby is effective if you want to exercise for long hours. As a result, the body burns calories at a much higher rate, increasing cardiovascular efficiency. Additionally, the blend of caffeine, theobromine, alkaloids and theophylline provide energy.

3. Aids in weight loss

Physicians now believe that the ILEX plant is beneficial for medicinal purposes. Recent studies show that it helps for gastric cleaning and successive weight lost. They successfully concluded that ILEX significantly aids in weight loss, which is beneficial to people with weight problems.

4. Removes bad odor

ILEX herbs contain a compound known as polyphenols that prevent the development of bacteria compounds responsible for bad odor.

5. Prevents certain type of cancers

Studies indicate that ILEX also help to combat free radicals associated to certain type of cancers. Furthermore, it not only boosts the immune system but also has detoxifying properties as well.

ILEX has a bitter taste as compared to coffee, which might actually turn off potential consumers. In addition, it might not contain enough properties for a diet ary supplement.

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