Benefits of IDM

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The absence of workers has a negative impact on any business as it affects employee productivity, morale and the general financial success. IDM comprises of employee compensation and both long term and short term programs. Through integrating benefits, workers can enhance efficiency and enhance service delivery.

1. Workers compensation

When workers have been injured during employment or find that they have sustained a work-related injury or illness they might be eligible for getting the Workers Compensation. The benefits obtainable via Workers Compensation comprise of payment for all medical costs, prescription expenses. Furthermore, salary replacement is also given if the worker is disabled completely for a period that extends more than seven days.

2. Short term disability

When a worker gets an injury or illness the individual will get salary replacement thanks to the STD program. This particular benefit offers 100% salary replacement, especially when the worker is disabled for 20 or more work days. Those who have been diagnosed with serious health conditions like cancer or heart failure can also receive this benefit.

While workers continue getting STD payments, the FCPS continues making its contributions to the retirement program and voluntary benefits. These benefits will be given for an amazing 5 months. Nonetheless, workers do not accumulate additional sick, annual or personal leave when receiving these STD benefits. No expense is required for workers to take part in this particular plan.

4. Long term disability

When workers are already getting the payments from the STD program and their claim is nearing the 5 month period, the claim will be automatically transitioned to LTD program. This will assist to show whether they can be given additional benefits.

Workers can continue taking part in dental and health insurance as well as other benefit plans if their specific programs offer this option. All new workers are automatically enrolled into this IDM plan after 1 month following hiring.

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