Benefits Of Iced Tea

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benefis of teaBenefits of Iced Tea

Tea has very many benefits for the whole body. On the other hand, tea of any temperature is great for the body. This means that iced tea is still as healthy as the regular hot tea. This is a great relief since many people prefer drinking iced tea to hot tea, particularly during summer season. The following are some key benefits of regular consumption of iced tea.

1. Contains useful chemicals

Iced tea is filled with very many different chemicals that are beneficial to the body. For instance, iced tea contains antioxidants, vitamins C, E as well as amino acids. The antioxidants assist the body in protecting itself against any cell damage from harmful molecules referred to as free radicals.

2. Prevents certain disorders

The free radicals that are also found in the environment with some being made by our own bodies can do great damage to the body cells. The cell damage can eventually lead to development of serious diseases like heart disease and cancer. In order to prevent yourself from acquiring these problems, you ought to drink iced tea regularly. This is because frequent consumption of iced tea inhibits growth of cancer cells and thus reduces the risk of getting prostrate cancer, colon and stomach cancer as well as esophagus cancer.

3. Enhances the immune system

Iced tea also assists in increasing the strength of the immune system. It protects teeth from plaque with many health experts recommending it for people looking to shed some weight. This is because it burns more calories daily. Iced tea is also a great natural antibiotic and thus it can be used by people with high blood pressure. It also helps in guarding against Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

All the aforementioned benefits can only be realized with the intake of freshly brewed tea. Additionally, many people claim that iced tea is not as tasty as hot tea.

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  1. Ann Trenton

    December 10, 2010 10:18 am

    Great post! Iced tea, brewed from the leaves or flowers of numerous herbal plants, can provide you with a chilled glass of refreshing fluids. Not only can it help quench your thirst, but iced tea may also offer you several potential health benefits. Because everyone’s dietary needs are different, talk to your doctor before making any major changes to your dietary practices, including the use of tea as a self-treatment for a potential health problem.

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