Benefits of IATA Card

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Benefits of IATA Card

An IATA card basically refers to a number that gives your travel agency an edge over other competitors. Most importantly, it lets agencies sell travel products, including air tickets. IATA number also distinguishes ‘’serious” travellers from onlookers. It tracks all the agency vendors to ensure smooth running of operations.

1. Sell airline products

IATA number gives you an opportunity to sell and distribute airline products. Alternatively, an independent contractor can step in to facilitate the bookings. This is referred to as ‘’renting’ where the agency receives commission on the products. However, most agencies normally charge a small fee, while some receive ‘’membership fees”.

2. Improve productivity

Many host agencies lack the means to book and sell airline products since they lack industrial strength. To ensure you increase productivity with regards to ticket sales, ensure the host agency has the means to sell and distribute airline products.

3. Establish direct contact with suppliers

IATA numbers provide a direct communication link with suppliers, which play an integral role when it comes to booking airline tickets. In fact, you may realize that some suppliers prefer working with these numbers.

4. Identifies your travelling agency

IATA number actually serves to identify your travel agency. For instance, you can set up a storefront firm that will help you book and distribute all type of airline products. The number also allows you to collect ‘’membership” fee on all travel products.

5. Reduced discounts

An IATA agent also enjoys discount packages and complimentary tickets. All agents have the opportunity to visit five star resorts at 50 % discount, and also receive a service fee.

6. Travel insurance

IATA card holders have free travel insurance, which means they get to travel at half the price. Additional special coverage might be bought through UATP.

IATA card allows you to enjoy all the benefits and perk Travel Agents receive without having to spend your earned money.

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