Benefits Of HTTPS


Benefits of HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, abbreviated as HTPS is a protocol designed to offer encrypted communication between web servers. In most cases, HTTP is used for online payment transactions and for sensitive data transaction in information systems. Without HTTP, transmitting between several networks would be complicated and slower.

1. Ease of use
Hypertext Transfer Protocol secure primarily helps to identify the information being transmitted. Using ‘’http” in web-based applications can differentiate between an audio file and a photograph. The user thus enjoys ease of use when using HTTPS.

2. Connectionless
Another advantage of HTTP is that it is connectionless. In other words, constant connection is not required when using HTTP on web-based applications. This is what gives you the opportunity to browse online at greater speed, which would not have been possible if connections were made open throughout.

3. Secure
You might have noticed that some websites have ‘’https” instead of http. HTTPS based websites are secure sites since data is encrypted to uphold security for the parties concerned. In fact, this is the main difference between HTTP and HTTPS. While HTTPS is secure, HTTP is always vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks where hackers access sensitive information and website accounts.

4. No history
This is probably the main perk of using HTTP not to mention it’s stateless. In simple terms, when an ‘’http” establishes a communication between a server, history is not recollected after the request has been completed.

Despite of having many perks, the efficiency of using HTTPS on web based applications may not be realized due to lack of server and browser software. Additionally, while HTTPS protects sensitive information by encryption, information is decrypted upon reaching its destination, which means you have to put measures in place to ensure the recipient computer is secure as this is the only sure way to prevent data breach.

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  1. Joey

    November 17, 2015 7:07 am

    First, HTTPs plays an essential role in saving your website from hackers. HTTPs provides more web security as compare to HTTP as it uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). So, while deploying HTTPs, you can ensure your website users about the security regarding their personal data (in case they make any online purchase or fill in information at the time of subscribing to your website, newsletter, blog etc.).

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