Benefits Of Hot yoga

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yoga_dvdBenefits Of Hot yoga

Hot yoga also known as the Bikram yoga is a series of yogic postures that are practiced in a warm and moist environment. The temperature of the yoga room ranges from 98-105 Â’°F. When practiced in a hot room, the heat promotes deep stretching of body muscles and less danger of injury during exercise. The yoga practices help in the detoxification and cleansing of the whole body through sweat. Two kinds of exercises are performed during the whole class that continues for 1 to 11/2 hours. The first is a standing series of practices that focuses on balance, strength, and endurance; the second is a mat series that is focused on stretching exercises that improve the flexibility of the body.

1.Improves the blood circulation.
The various practices of hot yoga improve the supply of oxygen to cellular levels and improve the circulation of blood to every cell of the body.

2.Detoxifies the body.
A vibrant exercise and yoga practices of hot yoga includes a series of postures and or asanas that generates enormous body heat. This released heat combines with the heat of the hot room to make you sweat profusely. The various harmful and toxic substances are released out of the body through this sweat, thus preventing you from many health problems.

3.Beneficial for the muscles.
The yogic exercises practiced in a hot room helps to work out on each muscle, of the body. Hot yoga is very beneficial and helps to make the muscles strong, agile, and flexible.

4.Beneficial for the heart.
Hot yoga is very beneficial for maintaining the cardiovascular health of a person who practices it regularly.

5.Improved metabolism.
As the blood circulation improves the movement of oxygen to the body cells also increases. This result in better metabolism of the food we take in, thus releasing more energy for our daily activities.

6.Relaxes the mind.
The deep breathing exercise practiced during hot yoga help to relax the mind. It is thus relieved form physical mental stress, depressions and anxiety.

7.Improves the general well being of a person.
With so many physical and mental benefits hot yoga helps to improve the general well being of a person who practices these exercises regularly.

It is advisable to wear lightweight clothes; if possible anti-sweat athletic wear that dries up quickly. Men mostly prefer going shirtless and just wear shorts. For women, the preferred clothing is a tank top or a sports bra along with lightweight yoga-style pants or shorts. Arrange for these clothes and begin your classes today.

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