Benefits Of Hot Tea

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Benefits of Hot Tea

Many people enjoy drinking a cup of hot tea, whether in the morning or during the day for various reasons. For most people, holding a hot mug of tea during cold periods provides a source of heat and for others drinking tea is simple relaxing. If you are not yet drinking hot tea, then read the following article on some of the great things that tea does for the body.

1. Reduced caffeine levels
Hot tea normally has reduced levels of caffeine as compared to coffee. Actually, coffee has almost four times the amount of caffeine present in tea. One cup of coffee comprises of about 140mg caffeine, while tea contains around 35mg per cup. If the intake of coffee causes you to have headaches and indigestion, then you should change to hot tea.

2. Protects the bones
It is not only the milk content in tea that fosters the development of strong bones, but also other elements of tea encourage strong bones. A study comparing non-drinkers and tea drinkers established that those who had drank hot tea for over ten years had much stronger and bones, even when body weight, age, smoking, exercises and other factors were added. The researchers believe the beneficial phytochemicals in tea are responsible for this benefit.

3. Cancer protection
Hot tea intake may prevent the onset of various cancers due to the high polyphenols content. These polyphenols act like antioxidants and fight the dangerous free radicals, thereby preventing cell oxidation. Adding hot tea is therefore important to remain healthy and prevent cancer.

4. Increases metabolism
Many people are unable to accomplish their goals of losing weight due to their slow metabolic rates. However, the consumption of hot green tea is proven to enhance metabolic rate, thereby assisting people burn calories.
Nevertheless, drinking very hot tea is not advisable as it may burn your mouth, especially your tongue.

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