Benefits of Horseradish

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Benefits of Horseradish

Horseradish comes from a similar family as cabbage and mustard and which are perennial plants. It reaches a height of one and a half meters and it is mainly grown for its root. The roots of the horseradish are used for a variety of purposes ranging from medicinal purposes to culinary uses. Here are some benefits of horseradish.

1. Treats certain ailments

Chewing the root of the horseradish is a natural medicine for treating toothaches and even scurvy. This root is expectorant, emetic and antiscorbutic and thus it assists in efficient removal of waste. Apart from the root, most of the constituents of horseradish are effective for treating various health disorders as well as relieving pain. For instance, if the leaves of horseradish are pressed against a person’s forehead, it instantly relieves the headache.

2. Cures respiratory disorders

The horseradish root can also be used as a good herbal treatment for respiratory disorders and rheumatic disorders. This is because it contains high amounts of vitamin B and C complex, enzymes and nutritive minerals like calcium, potassium and iron. In addition to that, tea made from flowers of the horseradish can treat severe flu or cold.

3. Strengthens the immune system

Because of the antibiotic properties of horseradish, the immune system is strengthened. It increases the flow of blood in the affected area removing waste products from the area. As a result, bacteria that cause coughs, bronchitis and other problems are killed. It is also very effective in treating urinary tract infections. Glucosinolates are believed to increase a person’s resistance to cancer. They have great antioxidant properties and can be used for relieving ache joints.

Glucosinolates found in horseradish increase the ability of the liver to detoxify and thus eliminates carcinogens that might cause the formation of any malignant tumors. They also assist in limiting the growth of tumors that are already present in the body.

The disadvantage of horseradish is that it cannot be used by children who are below the age of four years. People with peptic ulcer and hypothyroidism ought to avoid using horseradish since it can aggravate their conditions.

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