Benefits Of Hiking

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Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is a great way of exercising and breaking the boredom of our daily lives. Nowadays, many people are now using trekking and hiking as a large part of their workout because of their effectiveness. Moreover, hiking is fun and it offers the following health benefits.

1. Strengthens bones

Hiking assists in increasing bone strength and density. Regular hiking slows down the rate at which calcium is lost in the body, therefore strengthening bones and reducing their likelihood of breaking. Hiking prevents the onset of various bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. Encourages weight loss

Trekking or hiking is a great method of losing those excess pounds. Actually, hiking burns about 400 calories in only one hour and it has the potential of burning even more calories when you hike in challenging areas like hills. Combining hiking with a good diet enables people to shed weight quickly.

3. Boosts stamina

When practiced over a long period, an aerobic exercise like hiking assists in boosting your stamina and encourages treatment of natural fatigue. In addition, hiking also builds strength and flexibility. Hiking uphill firms the calves and downhill hikes strengthen the quadriceps.

4. Cheap

Hiking is an inexpensive sport, specifically if you only go for hiking on a single day of the week. You do not require paying expensive gym membership or other workout equipment. All you need for hiking is some water and good walking shoes.

5. Alleviates stress

The current lifestyle that many people live is very hectic and stress causing. Hiking offers a great method of relaxing and spending some time in the wild. Hiking in natural and beautiful surroundings helps to calm both the mind and body.

While you will enjoy the actually hiking experience, you are likely to experience uncomfortable muscle pain and also extreme exhaustion afterwards.

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