Benefits Of Hierarchy

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Benefits of Hierarchy

A hierarchy is a structural practice that creates a chain of responsibility, status and specialization. This model is widely used in politics, education and in many other sectors of society. It has a top to down structure that is easily recognizable when placed into diagrammatic form. Here is a close look at hierarchy benefits.

1. Better decision making
In the hierarchy model, superiors are responsible for decision making. This means that complex decisions are only dealt with by people who are high on the hierarchy. The people in such a system are aware of which person is responsible for making the decisions. The benefit is that it makes the process of decision making more efficient and quick.

2. Well organized
In general, a hierarchy is well organized and people are familiar with the persons either above or below them. They also know exactly what their responsibilities are in the business. Furthermore, since every person has their own responsibilities and duties in the hierarchy model, it is regarded as specialization. The people therefore know what the company expects from them, thus ensuring productivity.

3. Prestige
Individuals at the topmost of a hierarchy relish in great prestige and status, whereas those found at the lowermost point have a lessened amount in contrast with the top. For those who are at the topmost point, this is a huge benefit. They are likely going to have enhanced sense of self-respect, better self-confidence and also material and economic benefits.

4. Promotions
The workers from lower ranks have the benefit of getting promotions and advancing into higher levels in the hierarchy. This enhances motivation around the workplace as the employees know that only hard work is guaranteed to push them forward.

The disadvantage of using a hierarchy in an organization is that workers are restricted to their prearranged roles, which hinders creativity.

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