Benefits Of Hemp

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hemp-seedsBenefits Of Hemp

The scientific name of hemp is “cannabis sativa.” And it is commonly also known as Marijuana. Since the past thousands years hemp was being used for the commercial production of things like paper, canvas, rope, and textiles. Many years ago marijuana or hemp was banned without taking care of the numerous benefits it offers. However, the recent past, shows the rediscovery of hemp as a plant with numerous commercial, environmental, and economic, benefits which include:

1.Highly nutritious for the body.
Hemp seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins. They are the only edible seeds that contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid vital for human health. The fatty acid ratio present in hemp seeds is perfect for our bodies.

2.Benefits for vegans.
Hemp contains very high quantity of proteins that are required essentially by vegans as they do not consume any animal products and fulfill their protein requirement from plants only. Secondly these proteins are easily digested by their system.

3.Benefits to the heart.
High blood pressure indicates that the flow of blood in the blood vessels is sluggish demanding the heart to work more. Hemp products reduce the inflammation in the circulatory system and improve circulation. This smoothen the blood flow and relieves the heart.

4.Improves digestion
The fiber content present in hemp improves the movement of bowels and treats problems like constipation.

5.Helps in weight loss.
Intake of hemp fills the stomach and reduces crave for foods. Thus regular intake of hemp products help in weight loss.

6.Benefits to diabetics.
Intake of hemp maintains the levels of blood sugar that is requisite for the healthy living of diabetics.

7.Used for the production of paper and related products.
The hemp plant possesses enormous potential for the production of paper and related products like newsprint, stationary, computer paper, cardboard, toilet paper, envelopes, even tampons. According to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, just one acre of hemp is capable of producing four times more paper as compared to paper produced by cutting down one acre of trees. So why not increase plantation rather cutting down trees.

8.Beneficial for the soil.
Planting hemp in polluted soil lifts heavy metals from such soil. It taps into sub-soil and adds nutrients to it. Thus the growth of hemp plant is beneficial for the soil.

9.Benefits to the environment.
Hemp is capable of replacing all major non-renewable resources. Hemp fiber is more versatile and stronger than any other fiber derived from plants such as cotton and wood. Production of paper demands the cutting of trees all over the world. Hemp is a superior resource for manufacturing paper. Hemp paper is much stronger and durable as compared to paper produced from trees.

With so many benefits to health, hemp should be made a part of our diet. Plantation of hemp should be increased as it is useful for maintaining quality of environment as a whole.

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