Benefits of HD

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Benefits of HD

A high definition Television mainly uses digital format for viewing and broadcasting TV programming. Perfect clarity and sound are received with the HD television. In addition to its clarity, CD quality sound, and wide screen format, you will feel like you are in a movie theater right in your living room. There are many benefits to purchasing or owning a HD television, and some of the common reasons why you need to consider buying HDTV are:

1. Resolution

A normal TV has a normal resolution display of about 525 scan lines and only 480 lines are visible. For instance, NTSC TV has a resolution of nearly 210,000 pixels while HDTV has (horizontal) pixels with an approximate 2,073,600 resolution pixels per image. This simply tells you that HDTV has an outstanding picture quality and resolution.

2. No ghost images

When viewing from normal NTSC TVs, signal quality is not always perfect and is normally referred to as ‘ghost images’. For example, you can notice two of the same individuals as if that person has a ghost present. On the contrary, you will always receive perfect image with HDTVs. There will be no more snow, ghosts or fuzz.

3. Progressive Scanning

NTSC TV signals are normally shown as interweaved signals, which means that all horizontal lines are shown in a single frame while the other lines are shown in the next frame. This deceives the eye to believing that only a single picture is being displayed. On the other hand, progressive scanning shows all the pictures in a single frame. This is the main reason why HDTVs produce sharper images as compared to interlaced images shown by NTSC TVs.

However, HDTVs have their shortcomings as well; they are delicate and expensive as compared to normal NTCS TVs. Although HDTVs have a wider aspect ratio, picture visibility depends on where you sit in your living room.

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