Benefits Of Graphic Organizers

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Benefits of Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers play an essential role in the classroom. Most instructors nowadays use them for visual learning so that students can comprehend the material easily. Graphic organizers allow instructors to display learning material on a visual diagram. In other words, it is an effective approach aimed at doing away with note taking.

1. Encourages thinking
This is the main reason why graphic organizers have become popular today. For instance, some students often find it frustrating to write notes on a given subject. Graphic organizers on the other hand do not involve a lot of writing, and through visual aids students can easily make connections between concepts. When students learn from visual charts, writing will become less frustrating.

2. Review
Most instructors use graphic organizers to help students recall important concepts and facts on a specific subject. Arranging topic on a graphic organizer like the Venn diagram allows students to visualize how different concepts relate to each other. Since they can see all the information on the chart, there is no point of taking notes, which many find confusing and frustrating. With one chart, they can see lots of information about a certain topic.

3. Easy revision
Revising a particular subject on a visual diagram is easy, unlike trying to find a topic in textbooks. Visual aids are fantastic revision tools since all the subjects are displayed in a single page. As a teacher, you can add additional details to the diagram. Moreover, since you can easily edit the graphic organizer, students no longer have to spend their precious time searching through their notebooks to find a particular subject.

4. Better comprehension
Graphic diagrams help learners to understand how different concepts relate to each other, which might have otherwise been difficult.
The main drawback of graphic organizers is that they don’t provide a comprehensive guide for revision purposes, thereby may affect student’s performance.

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