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Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil

Benefit Of Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil comes from the seeds of a specific kind of grape – vitus vinifera. Extracted by pressing the seeds, it was once just a wine-making by-product that was simply thrown away. Grapes in general have always been connected to royalty and to medicinal power. Recent studies have shown that the latter aspect, its healing, may not be too far from the truth.

1. Grape seed oil is a powerful-antioxidant.
Anti-oxidants can hold back skin aging, acne and even varicose veins. It in fact, is a more effective anti-oxidant than vitamin C – twenty times greater.

2. Only a little is needed.
Only 4-5 drops, perhaps less, are required to apply it to the skin. It spreads well and is easy to absorb. It can act like a mild astringent and does not feel greasy.

3. It is rich in various nutrients.
Among them include flavonoids, vitamin E and beta-carotine. This has also led to the belief that Grape seed oil lowers LDL or bad cholesterol while increases HDL or good cholesterol.

4. It improves the body’s condition.
Studies have revealed that grape seed extract can aid it resisting the spread of cancer cells in the prostate, colon and stomach. There are also compounds that naturally occur in grape seed oil that have been revealed to improve flexibility of joints and vision.

5. It can reduce asthma attack symptoms.
It can act as a light anti-histamine.

Users of grape seed oil should ascertain whether or not they got the right kind of oil. Some types of the oil are used for skin care while others are for cooking and is immensely useful for both. There have been no major side effects with the use of grape seed oil in either case. Those allergic to grapes are also allergic to grape seed oil.

Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil

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  1. I have been using grape seed oil on my face. It helps my skin look younger and never gives me zits. I also take grape seed oil because of its health benefits.

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