Benefits Of Going green

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Benefits Of Going green

Technological developments in the past few decades have caused numerous problems like global warming, pollution, and environmental sustainability. All the above have impacted the human health so badly that people suffer from many respiratory and other diseases. The solution to the above mentioned problems lies in going green and this has been much talked about in the past few years. Apart from reducing the above problems, going green will have lots of positive effects on human health. Some of these benefits include:

1. Improves breathing.
Pollution is the root cause of initiating and enhancing allergic problems like asthma. This ultimately can result in fatal diseases like lung cancer. Going green helps clean the surrounding air space, and improves a person’s ability to breathe.

2. Reduction in acid rain.
Increased pollution due to high industrial usage increases the occurrence of acid rain. Going green helps to improve the environment, thus reducing the occurrence of the harmful acid rain.

3. Makes the heart healthy.
Pollution caused by fossil fuels release particulate matter in the air, which contributes to the occurrence of heart disease and other related cardiac issues. Going green helps to reduce pollution, which reduces the amount of particulate matter present in the environment, thus making the heart healthy.

4. Health ier Homes and Communities
Going green involves building green communities in cities and towns. This helps to create healthy home environments, thus providing better indoor air quality and fewer incidence of diseases.

5. Reduces spread of infectious diseases.
Global warming aggravates the spread of infectious disease. This is because we use various kinds of energies and release their by-products into the environment. Going green reduces the negative effects of these harmful by- products and reduces the spread of pandemics.

6. Beneficial for the economy.
Looking at our economy, many people might think that this is not the right time to go green. The truth is that this is the most appropriate time when such economies should focus on going green especially on the advancement and use of green technologies. This is because at present it is extremely difficult for developed countries like United States to compete with other economies in traditional areas such as manufacturing. So, the US can keep its edge by being a leader in green technologies. In the future, green technology might be the next big thing and to be a leader in this is a pride in itself.
Certain things like technological advancement and its use are unavoidable. However, we also need to take care of our environment and protect it from the ill effects of human practices. The only way to get rid of this dilemma is in going green and save our mother earth.

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