Benefits Of GMOS

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Benefits of GMOS

Genetic modification aims at improving the enhancement of an organism. A genetically modified organism can be described as a crop that requires minimal pest application and in turn consumers get quality food products at lower prices. While these foods remain controversial, there do provide many benefits particularly in drought prone areas not mention they have high nutritional value.

1. Resistance to disease
Many GMO food crops are modified to withstand harsh climatic conditions. They are genetically modified to grow in areas that are prone to drought where it would require intensive irrigation. By making food crops pest-and parasite resistant, GMOs would negate the use of pesticides as well as the elimination of pathogens such as salmonella and E.coli.

2. High nutritional value
Now researchers can add nutrients, vitamins and other essential additives to genetically modified foods to help increase their nutritional value. In other words, GMO supplement vitamins or make vitamins in low amounts more prevalent. For instance, golden rice, which is high in vitamin A, is increased to help treat disorders associated to Vitamin A deficiency.

3. Environmental benefits
GMOs allow livestock and crops to exist in any given area. This is because they are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, with shorter life span and minimal use of pesticides. GMO crops are grown without destroying existing farm land.

4. Boosts our health
Experts now agree that genetically modified foods add nutrients to our diet by incorporating essential minerals and vitamins, which helps keep future generations fit and healthy. Farmers therefore grow genetically modified foods to increase their yields. With advancement in technology, farmers in developing countries can sustain their produce in undesirable climatic conditions.

Studies show that GMO foods can harm other organisms. For instance, their effect on the human genes may also pose harm to insects. Moreover, their taste somehow differs from natural grown food crops.

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