Benefits Of Gmail

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Benefit Of Gmail

Once an invitation only service, Gmail has since been opened to the general public. It began an almost elitist style movement that created mystery and demand while forcing little work upon the company itself. This made it one of the most wanted email services at the time. Many have wondered what, if any, differentiates it from many other email services.

1. Effective spam filters.
There are many testimonials that speak of Gmail’s effective spam filters. While it does not block all spam, there is usually considerably less.

2. Integrated with another Google service, Google Talk.
Google Talk is a chat service similar to Yahoo Messenger that allows for video and/or voice chat. It allows users to direct speak with friends or co-workers should they be online.

3. It has an effective virus scanner.
Gmail’s virus scanner is very strict and cannot be turned off. A user can rest assured that whatever is sent through Gmail has probably been scanned twice – once on upload and another on download.

4. Gigabytes worth of storage space.
Each user has over two gigabytes worth on space in each email account. This is considerably more space than many other email providers. The average emailer will never only be forced to delete messages in an effort to keep it from looking clunky.

5. It has an integrated search engine.
Email can easily get clunky – Gmail allows the user to search through all their email as if they were using Google.

There are sporadic reports of poor customer service from Gmail that resulted in people being locked out of their accounts, but those are rare and far in between. There are also some accounts that cannot dodge spam and have inboxes constantly flooded. Generally, it remains one of the more favorable options when it comes to email service providers.

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