Benefits Of Geothermal energy

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Benefits Of Geothermal energy

The literal meaning of the term ‘geothermal’ is heat from the earth. The core of the earth is just about a 1000 degrees C less hot as compared to the sun and geothermal energy is the energy obtained from this heat inside the earth. Steam and hot water produced within the earth’s core are used for generating electricity and heating buildings. This energy is renewable as heat is continuously produced within the earth and rainfall replenishes the stores of underground water. If the planet’s entire geothermal energy is tapped for producing geothermal power, large amounts of electricity can be produced to meet the needs of a power-hungry world. There are many benefits of using geothermal energy. Some of these benefits include:

Cost Effective
A typical residential geothermal plant producing electricity is about three ton unit in size and roughly costs $7,500. While the energy savings easily exceed the entire invested amount in just a few years resulting in huge cost benefits for the users.

Strength and durability
Geothermal plants producing electricity use less mechanical components. The plant is made in such a manner that these components are protected from elements, dirt, leaves, and possible destruction. Thus, geothermal heat pumps are extremely durable and reliable. Underground piping that is used in the system has 25-50 years warranties. These geothermal heat pumps are durable and last for about 20 years or even more.

Maintenance cost is low
Geothermal heat pumps have low maintenance requirements as compared to most other energy systems. Proper installation makes the underground components virtually worry-free. Also, the components are easily accessible. This makes their access convenient and ensures timely maintenance.

Continuous comfort
The plant does not produce any blasts of hot or cold air in any season and provides the desired conditioning of air. Also, the Geothermal heat pumps naturally improve humidity of the environment making it comfortable for humans.[]

Silent operation
Geothermal heat pumps have no external condensing units attached to them. They operate silently without producing any noise for the users or their neighbors.

Less dependence on other fuels.
Geothermal energy is a substitute source of energy. Use of such sources reduces dependence on other non renewable sources of energy like coal and oil.

Little or no pollution.
As geothermal energy is derived from earth’s energy, it does not produce any pollution.
Unlike other sources of energy, geothermal energy will never run out and will be available at low cost for a long period of time.

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