Benefits of geodesic domes

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Benefits of geodesic domes

Geodesic domes are enclosed spherical structures that are created through geodesics or a circle network. ‘ Geodesic structures typically have triangular intersections that are responsible for stress distribution. ‘ Because of its design, geodetic domes can provide several advantages and benefits including the following:

1. Good stability

The triangular intersection of the network of circles involved in geodesic domes or structures are considered very stable and solid. In fact, building and architecture experts would point out that the larger the dome is, the more stable it actually becomes. ‘ Many of these experts also believe that geodesic-based structures are superior in terms of design when compared to square-based structures or buildings.

2. Lower cost

When it comes to building structures for various purposes, the geodesic design concept can be accomplished with far fewer materials when compared to other building forms and structure. ‘ In the case of building a sporting venue for example, geodesic domes provide the best option when it comes to building a huge space with fewer materials, and ultimately lower cost.

3. Aesthetic benefit

Spherical structures like geodesic domes also provide a good aesthetic effect to a particular building. ‘ Its seemingly intricate network of triangular intersections will instantly generate a positive response from people in terms of beauty and design. ‘ Geodesic domes also give a sense of modernity and advancement when it comes to buildings and structures.

Geodesic domes became popular in the past, particularly after the First World War, because of its design appeal and structural stability. ‘ Many big venues were made with the geodesic design concept as it provides so much value in terms of materials used and function, aside from its aesthetic appeal. ‘ The geodesic design concept did not gain so much attention though when it comes to smaller structures like homes because of various limitations in terms of sewer vent standardization and chimney installation concerns.

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