Benefits of Genetically Modified Foods

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Benefits of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods are those that are derived from genetically modified organisms that have been formed by making changes in their DNA, with special genetic engineering techniques. These techniques are a little more precise than the normal breeding that takes place and the organisms are expected to show results by exposing the organism to radiation and chemicals. They elaborate on the method of breeding by the insertion and deletion of a gene into an organism.

One of the major benefits is having genetically modified food crops. Using the methods of genetic engineering, the crops are enhanced with their quantity of nutrients such as vitamins and there are also methods that are followed for the prevention of vitamin A and iron deficiency. All the techniques used for the crops help in removing the allergic proteins and the modification of the genes result in increased yield with better quality and nutrients. The cost effective foods such as carrots are produced with enhanced antioxidants that make them more nutritious. The crops that are produced genetically have reduced risk to attacks by micro organisms and herbicides. This helps the farmers with the cost and decrease the risk of herbicides and fungicides that make the genetically modified crops eco-friendly.

They are safer to consume and are drought resistant so they have been a blessing to farmers who belong to areas that are less developed. They have been some of the most exhaustibly studied products in the history of agriculture and there has never been evidence that the crops are a threat to human life and the environment. In places where most farmers have the necessity, any advances in yield or pest and disease resistance can make a dramatic change in the quality of life. The pants that are drought resistance come in use in such conditions.

We therefore know that the benefits include the crops being more productive and having a larger yield that offer more nutritional value and better flavor. With the best characteristics being studied and put together in the formation of an organism they eliminate allergy-causing properties in some foods and make sure they highlight only the required and tested property. They have been designed to grow in conditions of poor soil and adverse climates and can have inbuilt resistance to all external harmful factors. Apart from being eco friendly, they stay ripe longer, so they can be shipped long distances and stored conveniently. Hence, the genetically modified foods are safe and are a big help to the present climatic and agricultural drawbacks that we have to survive.

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