Benefits of Gatorade

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Benefits of Gatorade

The name Gatorade reminds you of the colorful bottles, with some liquid that the sports people gulp and get back to the pavilion. Gatorade is a brand of flavored non carbonated sports drinks manufactured by the Quaker Oats Company that is now a division of PepsiCo. This energy drink is mainly recommended for consumption during physical and active occasions that one goes through. It can be a strenuous game or a long workout that burns out the energy inside you. These beverages are formulated to rehydrate and replenish the carbohydrates and electrolytes.

The benefits of Gatorade are many since it is formulated to be even more effective for occasions when not only fluid replacement, but also carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement is desirable. It is mostly composed of a combination of carbohydrates, minerals and water that helps to replace the energy and the sodium and potassium electrolytes that are lost in a vigorous physical activity. It also benefits with its taste since the sodium in Gatorade encourages an individual to drink more and this in turn helps the body to retain fluids better after it has been consumed.

This also helps people in maintaining important physiological responses of their body. Gatorade helps people avoid dehydration and it can thereby help people to avoid other problems such as heat cramps, light-headedness or fainting, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The carbohydrate solution in Gatorade not only provides the optimal formulation to assure fast re- hydration, but speeds energy in the form of carbohydrate to working muscles, which helps to enhance physical performance. So apart from supplying carbohydrate energy to active muscles, it also assures rapid and complete rehydration. So the overall content of Gatorade helps the body to absorb fluid fast and maintain fluids longer, causing more-complete re-hydration.

Gatorade contains small amounts of sucrose and fructose, carbohydrates that add to the sweetness of the beverage that assists in stimulating rapid fluid absorption and in providing energy to active muscles. Although Gatorade is specifically formulated to benefit physically active people, many can enjoy the drink since it has about half the calories of fruit juices or soft drinks and is considered a low-sodium isotonic beverage. Gatorade can also be consumed by diabetics, with the same precautions that normally apply to the ingestion of carbohydrates. So, they are helpful for physically active diabetics who must consume a source of carbohydrate during exercise. It is highly safe for infants and children and has proved that it can help them stay physically active and better hydrated.

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