Benefits Of Fur

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Benefits of Fur

Fur coats are common nowadays and are made from the skin of animals. These animals include mink, foxes, seals, rabbits, otter, ermine, and certain large cats. Typically, animals like sheep are not considered as fur animals, though the whole skins might be sometimes used in making coats. However, there is a huge controversy regarding the making of fur coats, because animals are killed to obtain the fur. Some of the benefits of fur include:

1. Provides warmth

The main advantage of fur coats is that they provide significant warmth especially during the cold season. Fur coats have been popularly used since time immemorial mainly for this purpose.

2. Create various kinds of clothing

Fur was commonly used in making coats in the past. However, it is also used to make other kinds of clothing. In addition, it may be used to decorate clothing, but then again fur is commonly used in making fur coats and other fashionable clothing. Furthermore, fur coats are considered to be highly fashionable in the industrialized world. However, fur coats are more expensive as compared to coats made from other synthetic or natural materials, and many people now prefer the manufactured form of fur known as faux.

3. Impervious to deterioration

According of recent scientific studies, fur is resistant to moths, and does not require proper storage to prevent deterioration. This simply means it can stay for a long period without wear.

4. Easy accessible

Fake fur can be made from different materials including mixtures of modacrylic and acrylic polymers which are derived from air, limestone, petroleum, water and coal. In addition, fake fur looks similar to the real fur when it comes to the fabric.

The main disadvantage is that fake fur doesn’t provide warmth as compared to the real fur. In addition, it is made from materials such as limestone and petroleum which will eventually deteriorate and dry out.

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