Benefits Of Friendship

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Benefits of Friendship

Friendship or companionship is a relationship created amongst friends and it is normally regarded to be a lot closer than simple association. Having friends has also been promoted recently like a good way of staying healthy and living long lives. The social support offered through friendship provides such a healing and positive force that it cannot be snubbed. Get some key friendship benefits below.

1. Enhances communication skills

The more the times spent relaxing amongst friends, the simpler it is for some people to really open up. Friendship offers constant contact with other people, thus greatly enhancing communication skills. Simply intermingling regularly with your friends helps keep you in practice and ensures that you have the courage of interacting with others.

2. Provides new skills

Since friendship means having connections with many different people, your friends are going to start teaching you skills that you might have never pursued. For instance, an accountant can have a friend who knows how to play basketball. When these two individuals come together and become friends, they can both share their respective skills and benefit each other.

3. Offers encouragement

A little encouragement every now and then is always helpful. Rather than new information and skills, we all need the bravery of going forward with the information we already have. We also need the nerve of getting back up once we fail to achieve certain goals. Friendship provides us that essential encouragement we all require for succeeding in this challenging life.

4. Sharing thoughts

Friendship offers a place where friends can trade ideas with each other and also get feedback. You friends will usually tell you whether your ideas are reasonable or not. That feedback can assist you to set attainable goals.

Friendship is thus highly beneficial and it inspires confidence amongst friends. It is no surprise that medical experts have discovered that those with good friends are normally happier and healthier.

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