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Benefits Of French Immersion

Benefits of French Immersion

Immersion is an intensive French instruction program that acts a second language for children who are not of French descent. Ideally, the instructors use French in all learning and activities, with obviously the exception of language arts classes. In addition, the learning experience can also extend to the community. Learning a second language has a positive intellectual impact on children at an early age. Immersion students develop practical skills that they then apply to other life experiences and academic subjects. Here are the benefits of French immersion programs.

1. Develops flexible thinkers

According to recent studies, French immersion students tend to be flexible thinkers at an early age. Many such studies show that students in the program have superior listening skills as well. In addition, children develop the ability to learn different languages as well and hence have great career options in future.

2. Improves creativity and solving Skills

Immersion children develop creativity and problem solving skills. Even if you do not know the language, it will be easier to learn along with your kid. For that reason, the child develops confidence to learn other different languages.

3. It is fun and interesting

The French immersion program is fun for children since they get to do all their activities in French including singing, communicating, and playing games among other activities. Likewise, it is fun to learn a new language along with your children. It creates motivation and boosts confidence to learn other languages.

4. Improves confidence

In order to determine whether the child is eligible for French immersion program, two factors need are considered. Are they confident socially and are they conversant in English to ascertain whether they are confident enough to learn a new language. Immersion students are also more confident when it comes to learning other languages.

The main disadvantage of French immersion programs is that they only enroll socially confident students. In addition, the program is also expensive as compared to Basic English arts classes.

Benefits Of French Immersion

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