Benefits Of Free Range Chicken

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Benefits of Free Range Chicken

Free range is a term that explains a farming method where the chickens are allowed to freely roam around instead of being kept under lock in one area. Free range chickens move about as they look for food. They are able to enjoy all the natural resources that they can find while they enjoy the sunlight. These facts, as simple as they seem are very important for the healthy growth of the chickens. The following are benefits of free range chickens.

1. High nutritious value
Free range chicken meat or eggs are most expensive because they have high nutritious value than commercialized chicken. These chickens are able to roam and eat naturally as they ought to which gives them a wide range of diet to choose from. Striving in free environment like this makes a lot of difference in terms of their nutrition and health. Unlike commercialized chickens which get injections every now and then, the protein value of range free chicken is exceptional because it is free of any antibiotics.

2. Taste better
Besides having the apparent nutritional benefits, free range chickens have a great taste. A likely cause of this can be attributed to the kind of diet that free range chickens have daily. Free range chickens have a wide range of natural diet which makes them healthier than their counterparts. Unless sick, free range chickens do not take in any chemicals in form of antibiotics or hormones.

3. Provide natural fertilizers
Free range chicken provides farmers with great natural fertilizers in form of manures. Chicken manure is a good natural source of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous and this can really benefit farmers who have vegetable gardens. Chicken manure helps to increase yields as it improves the soil.

Nevertheless, keeping free range chickens can also prove to be quite a task. Since they are not contained somewhere, they can easily get lost or fall prey to predators.

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