Benefits Of Foursquare

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Benefits of Foursquare

While Facebook might hold the realm in advertising, foursquare continues to prove that it can compete with other social websites. You may ask, how do people use location-based media websites, and how is it used to promote advertisement? Foursquare has a phone application to track certain places you visit often. Some businesses also provide discounts or specials to those who visit their business frequently.

1. Target local audience
Foursquare gives managers an opportunity to interact with the local audience. By offering specials and promoting your business through Foursquare, you can attract new consumers to try out your product or services. Also, frequent users are awarded with extra points for visiting new stores and being adventurous. Freebies and special discounts will encourage loyal customers to bring their friends and family in the hopes of receiving more discounts.

2. Effective mode of advertising
Loyal customers can help you advertise your business through Foursquare, by creating to-dos and tips. They can recommend your business to their friend sand family (like special meals, or a dish to try), thus attract more consumers to your business.

3. Customer retention
Foursquare allow managers to track their loyal customers and reward them, either with freebies or special discounts on favorite dishes. Your clients will spread the word about your business, as well as the special discounts given to frequent visitors. In addition to that, the ability to get immediate feedback allows you to interact with customers in real time, and make necessary modification to suit their needs.

4. Interactive
Reviewing feedback and comments from your clients is important for your business. You should pay attention to their feedback, so that you can add more offers to keep them happy.
However, foursquare is not meant for every business or individual. On the other hand, people who prefer privacy may never use this website.

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