Benefits Of Folic Acid

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Benefit Of Folic Acid

Folate or folic acid isn’t on the top of most people’s lists when it comes to things that are good for them, but it remains important regardless. Folate is a B Vitamin that aids in the production and maintenance of cells, which make up most of the body. Folic acid could also be its synthetic form, often found in dietary supplements. It offers many benefits often overlooked by the layman.

1. It is important for pregnant mothers.
It was acknowledged in 1992 that Folate has been linked to successful deliveries and reduced fetal complications. The risk of fetal cardiovascular and brain problems as well as limb deformities have been drastically reduced. Doctors have gone so far as to advise pregnant women to consume 400 mcg of the vitamin daily.

2. It is good for your blood and bones.
Homocysteine is an abnormal protein product. High levels of this amino acid are at a risk for strokes and heart disease. High levels have also been linked to osteoporosis. Folate gets rid of excess homocysteine.

3. Folic Acid is good for the brain.
As a B vitamin, Folate does its part to influence mental function. Folic acid speeds up serotonin production. This makes it act like an anti-depressant, albeit a mild one, as well as improving mood.

4. It protects women from cervical cancer.
Studies have shown that women who have abnormal cervical cells tend to also have low folate levels. They’ve also shown that the slightest deficiency creates a vulnerability to viral attack. That same vulnerability is seen as the precursor to cancer in some women. Abnormal cells can be combated with a daily 10 mg dose of folate.

There are many sources of folic acid, such as dark green leafy vegetables. Whole grains and beans are also fine sources of folic acid. Overdosing is still possible – at 15,000 mcgs, stomach issues and seizures will arise.

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