Benefits Of Firewall

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Benefits of Firewall

Literally, the term firewall is used to describe a partition or wall which can be used to prevent fire spread or diseases. In computing however, firewall is a part of a network which is designed to block other computers from accessing yours without any authorization while permitting your computer to access information from outside. Using firewalls is recommended especially for computers which are connected to the internet and its benefits are listed below.

1. Offers protection
A firewall is a security measure which can really come in handy when it comes to blocking security threats such as viruses and worms from accessing your computer through the exploitation of the network protocol.

2. Logs all data
Firewalls also help to note which addresses want to infiltrate your network. They log all attempts of access to your computer. They can also set an alarm in the form of sounds or pop ups when any hostile or suspicious activity is attempted. Furthermore, some firewalls can log outbound as well as monitor all data traffic and also prevent any unauthorized access.

3. Protects sensitive information
Both private users and network administrators benefit from the use of firewalls. With a firewall, you can be able to keep away any authorized users and to stop malware activities which might try to retrieve certain kinds of data from your computers for transmission to a third party for use.

4. Controls website access
A firewall can be able to detect websites which have malicious and harmful programs which cannot only retrieve information from your computer but can also transfer malicious contents into your system. An administrator is able to set the preferences as well as customize the firewall’s system according to his requirements.

Although firewalls are great to have in our computers, they usually take up a lot of system resources which thereby slows down the computer.

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