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Benefits of fetal MRI

Benefits of fetal MRI

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is an imaging technique used in the field of medicine or radiology so doctors could see various structures inside a person’s body from the head down to the toes.  In the case of pregnant women, ultrasound is probably the most common used tool today.  But the use of fetal MRI has increasingly become popular in modern times because it provides various benefits including the following:

1. Clearer image

As an imaging procedure, MRI provides a clearer picture of the body’s internal structures when compared to ultrasound.  The images of the fetus inside a mother’s womb for example will be higher in resolution and this is a great advantage in terms of visualizing the overall health of the unborn baby.

2. Better diagnostic aid

Since MRI provides a clearer and more detailed picture of the fetus inside a mother’s womb, it is also better in terms of diagnosing certain conditions.  Unborn babies are regularly monitored during a woman’s pregnancy but ultrasound reports and images may be not clear enough to pinpoint a certain finding or diagnosis.  With higher-resolution provided by fetal MRI, diagnosis will be easier for doctors.

3. Better detection of certain fetal abnormalities

Based on comparative studies between using ultrasound and MRI in monitoring fetal development, the latter procedure is said to be more effective in terms of detecting certain types of fetal abnormalities particularly those that occur in the brain and neck areas.  Conditions like ventriculomegaly, intracranial abnormalities, and possible obstructions in the neck are best viewed through MRI.  With ultrasound, many of these conditions may no be detected at all or images may be found too blurry and inconclusive.

The standard ultrasound is still widely used today as it remains effective in monitoring fetal health.  MRI meanwhile is usually prescribed if there are certain findings in the ultrasound report that need to be reviewed further.  Many doctors also prescribe MRI if there are suspected abnormalities in the fetal brain.

Benefits of fetal MRI

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